In many coastal and delta cities, land subsidence exceeds absolute sea level rise up to a factor of ten. Without action, parts of Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and numerous other coastal cities will sink below sea level. Increased flood risk and other widespread impacts of land subsidence result in damage totalling billions of dollars per year. This brochure provides a more in-depth step-wise guidance in addressing high rates of subsidence, illustrated by a number of case studies and actionable practices. The lessons learned from these experiences provide valuable information and inspiration for decision makers and experts to address subsidence in urbanising deltas. This brochure is made by Deltares (T. Bucx, G. Erkens, S. Hommes, S. Kok, G.J. Ellen, C. v.d. Guchte) in cooperation with and supported by the Delta Alliance (K. van Nieuwaal, Ottelien van Steenis) and its affiliated institutes University Utrecht (Hans Middelkoop), Wageningen University & Research (Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga), IHE Delft (Chris Zevenbergen) and TU Delft (Jos Timmermans).  Read more..

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