Bangladesh has recently changed directions by defining the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP 2100), which focuses on long-term development and climate change issues, to achieve vision of ‘Shonar Bangla’ . BDP 2100 intends to address uncertainty about the future. where a large number of stakeholders at all levels need to be involved. capacityes need to be enhanced and important aspects of the plan in corporated in the day to day working methods of various organizations at localto national level. In order to stimulate the BDP 2100 implementation,and reach the political discussion, a sharing and exchanging knowledge portal in broad perspective is needed for a policy-science-practice implication dialogue. Delta Forum will support the exchange of experiences, sharing knowledge and jointly building of capacities as an open membership knowledge platform at ‘above project level’. Any stakeholder from all levels is invited to join in order to contribute in knowledge generation,shareing and translation processes of sustainable development.


Collectively build a sustainable bangladesh


Delta Forum is an open and inclusive platform for
stakeholders to strengthen policy-science-practice
interface by sharing research knowledge and
discuss experiences, towards helping an efficie
implernentation of the BDP 2100.


Main goal of Delta Forum is to establish a sustained platform where knowledge is shared to reach the policy discussions in order to stimulate the implementation of the Delta Plan 2100. This platform will focus on six ‘Hotspots’ within the Bangladesh delta.

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